The Walled Garden in Mellon Park

Pittsburgh PA, 15232
3:00 PM

Mellon Park is located in the neighborhoods of Shadyside and Point Breeze.  It was the sight of the Mellon estate, which was the largest mansion in Pittsburgh at the time of its completion in 1911.  After its demolition during World War II, most of his gardens remained and comprise the majority of the park.  The fourth wall of the Walled Garden, separated by the fountain, is all that is left of the original mansion.  We love this beautiful spot, and Jax has definitely enjoyed a couple dips in that famous fountain!


The Mattress Factory Museum

505 Jacksonia Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
6:00 PM

The Mattress Factory, located in Pittsburgh’s historic Mexican War Streets, is a contemporary art museum, focused on site-specific installations.  Originally built as a Steams & Foster mattress warehouse, the building was transformed by a cooperation of artists in the 1970s to support resident artists locally, nationally and internationally in their often room-sized artworks.  Through its education programs, the  museum has been a catalyst for the revitalization of the North Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  One of the permanent installations, The Winifred Lutz Garden, was built over the remains of a paper factory which burned down in 1963.  It uses the remains of the former factory’s construction to emphasize the urban and natural history of the site.  We can’t wait for you to join us in this historic, quirky and oh-so-Pittsburgh venue for a beautiful reception!

The Walled Garden

Mellon Park

The Mattress Factory

Mattress Factory